VOID IN – industrial techno vortex on the new Blush Response album

Joey Blush, better known as BLUSH RESPONSE, recently released his first full length album called VOID IN, at MEGASTRUCTURE_ label. The Berlin based producer and sound designer created 10 carefully sculpted tracks that will take the listener to an abstract reality. Blush combines his specific metal synthetics with a vortex of echoing voices and anamorphic beats.

Listen here to VOID IN by Blush Response

Blush Response – Chiralium [MS002] from VOID IN

Joey started Blush Response in 2009 in New York. His sounds evolved from synth pop to EBM and Industrial Techno, with new influences brought by the relocation to Berlin. Blush has done programming work for Rhys Fulber, Fear Factory, Cristian Castro, and he toured as a member of Joey Jordison (Slipknot)’s industrial rock project Scar the Martyr. Recently, Joey Blush collaborated with design for companies such as Arturia and Elektron.