Downtempo rhythms with a supernatural twist by Lasse Lambretta and m ë x

Any respectable playlist should include slow beats, especially when they sound as good as the ones featured here: Flight Club №29 by m ë x and L A C U N A C A S T O O 1 // by Lasse Lambretta. They`re both downtempo sets telling intricate musical stories. 

Lasse Lambretta prepared an atmospheric sound journey, sprinkled with fuzzy vocals. “I’ve been fascinated with stories about witches for years now – besides the supernatural and fantastical aspects, I think it’s intriguing how society plays a role in suppressing and/or catalyzing a witch’s or wizard’s powers. Especially how the message of covens is: “we relish your weirdness” and “in unity there is strength” – which echos in the track by serial error”, writes Lambretta.

The musical novel written by m ë x in Flight Club №29 steers the listener to a peaceful dimension. A safe bubble where anyone can float on positive beats.