Helena Hauff & L.F.T. make history at HÖR

Fast rhythms are scarce these days, the whole world seems to be in slow mode. Or in no mood for fast beats, because of the boring apocalypse. That’s why it’s super nice when an artist manages to deviate everyone out of the slow path, towards rhythms full of life. 

In this particular case, I’m talking about Helena Hauff, who is able to easily move a mountain with her music selection. Bassiani invites Helena Hauff is the first mix featured here. It has the potential to resuscitate any slow-beating hearts out there. 

The second one is even crazier, probably one of the greatest sets aired at HÖR Radio. This time is not only her playing. Helena Hauff is dancing like there’s no tomorrow in a back to back with L.F.T., during two super vivid hours. 

Photo: inverted-audio.com