Flight Club №24 caught in a time-lapse with Kilig

Life is moving in a slow surreal pace these days, so the music will naturally follow its lead. Slow doesn’t necessarily mean sad music, au contraire. For example, the downtempo, industrial, ambient, or minimal rhythms, featured in this post, are meant to improve the mood, and simultaneously allow us to be active.

Let`s start with Simona, a good friend with impeccable taste in music. Every time she (re)posts music, there’s a strong possibility that it will be super nice, in a sensible way. Get into Simona`s time-lapse playlist:

Flight Club №24 by Helle_wtf offers a new kind of wings to the dreamer in us. The mixtape starts in a weird tone that I love. Later it manages to provide some unexpected and (unfortunately) unnamed surprises:

OpenLab Selectors had a new special guest, the London based DJ and producer Kilig. His mix is moving between minimal, industrial, and ambient sounds. Kilig shows the recent direction taken by that unique London rave-sound:

Photo: SoundCloud