Hyperion XP1 – hydrogen powered hypercar with a range of 1600 km

There are enough car companies out there, but when a tech company builds a car the results can be quite interesting. Like Hyperion XP1 – a hydrogen fuel cell-powered hypercar that was just unveiled by the Californian company Hyperion. XP1 has a range of 1,609 km, the top speed of 356 km/h, and can reach 100 km/h in 2,2 seconds. When it`s out of hydrogen it can be recharged in 3 to 5 minutes. These are some pretty good figures coming from an environmentally friendly car.

Hyperion has two electric motors powered by two large hydrogen tanks. XP1 is not using heavy lithium-ion batteries, offering a better power to weight ratio. This translates into more range and better performance.

The main purpose of XP1 is to promote the use of hydrogen fuel. Hyperion`s CEO Angelo Kafantaris said in an interview that “we’re an energy company that’s building this car to tell a story”.

Using hydrogen has a big downside: not enough refueling stations. For example, in 2018 there were only 39 available hydrogen stations in USA, according to Interestingengineering.com.

But hydrogen as fuel has its benefits like being environmentally friendly, considering its only byproduct is water.

Photo: Hyperion

Angelo Kafantaris says Hyperion will remedy the hydrogen refueling problem: “you can make hydrogen from excess grid solar power. […] Creating hydrogen is greener than making batteries.”

Photo: Hyperion

Hyperion wants to follow Tesla`s example and build its own network of hydrogen fueling stations.

Hyperion XP1 goes in production from 2022 and only 300 hypercars will exit the assembly lines.