Vergura project is sound poetry exploring new sensorial territories [video]

Vergura project is what I call art when talking about music production. It`s that kind of sound that makes your hair raise in pleasure, touching inner parts you didn`t even know existed. Vergura is an intimate project developed by the Romanian artist Hasan Nasser, also known as Akim#.

The project came to life in 2017 and it was baptized Vergura, an archaic Romanian word meaning virgin, pure, unaltered. The musical justification of Vergura project`s existence is to combine piano and a string quartet with subtle electronic layers of lush pads and drones.

To make the audience understand how special Vergura is, I will just say the artist worked every day for seven months on Fragment 7 and six months for Fragment 6.

Moreover, he also shot and edited the videos. Vergura – Fragment 6 was filmed on the 21 tram line in Bucharest. Fragment 7 was shot by Hasan in Atelierul de decoruri, a place filled with theater decors. 

The listener will find himself hooked to a magic audio-visual journey through a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions.

Vergura can be rightfully called music poetry. There are no words but it still manages to bring the listener in a state of introspection using meticulously polished sounds.