C-Face smart-mask can translate languages as you speak [video]

Technology is breaking the language barriers every day, taking us to a very close Matrix-like future. On the other side, there`s a new accessory everyone carries around now – the face mask. If we put them together, the result is a marriage made in heaven. The Japanese company Donut Robotics is, let`s say, the priest of this interesting ceremony.

And the child is a silicone mask called C-Face, which fits on top of a usual mask, and knows how to speak multiple languages. Once connected to a smartphone, C-Face offers even more smart features.

Thanks to its built-in microphone, you can answer calls and talk without having to take off your mask or hold the phone close to your mouth. Then, it allows you to verbally type out messages and mails, because it converts speech to text.

C-Face is able to translate between Japanese and eight other languages. Multi-language support is just one app update away. The C-Face mask will be available in Japan as early as September, and after a few months, in USA, Europe, and China.

Source: Yankodesign.com