Germany`s Corona app doesn`t work properly on iPhones. How to check if your phone is affected

The Corona warning app did not work properly on Android devices, and now the German Media found out that iPhones also have a problem. More precisely, due to a bug in iOS, the app checks the contacts incompletely. This leads to a ten days information gap, in which the app users are not warned about being in contact with a COVID-19 infected person, reports cited by

First, the COVID-19 app did not work properly for Samsung and Huawei devices, due to a Android background update issue. According to officials from the Federal Ministry of Health, these problems are now solved.

Last week, there were discovered gaps in the contact check, for iPhones runnig the Corona warning app. “How many devices are affected […] is currently not known”, said a spokeman from the German Ministry of Health, cited by

The iPhone users can verify if their phone was affected by checking the transmissions logs as follows: Settings -> Data protection -> Health -> COVID-19 contact log -> Contact checks.

Apple was informed about the problem by the app developers, and is now working to fix the iOS bug. A spokesman for Telekom, one of the developers, declared for that people “only have to use the warning app once a day, then the comparison with the server takes place […]”